The Velo Solex 2200 was only made for 3 years. With its curved frame design it is one of the more attractive icon mopeds of the sixties. It was made famous by models using it for fashion shoots. Catherine Deneuve posed in Saint Tropez in 1962 in front of a Solex 2200 to show the fashions of the Parisian designers Christian Dior and Yves Saint-Lauren in the American publication “Life Magazine”

This model is in running condition and a video on a sleepy afternoon can be found on our YouTube channel by video click here

- The 2200 model was introduced in 1961 and produced for 3 years up to 1964. The model was distinguishable by

- Attractive Tubular Frame

- New motor, 25% more powerful 3000 rpm.

- Anti-parasitic ignition.

- New, black air filter cover with the S 2200 insignia.

Sixties Iconic Moped