We now have available a range of small tyres at affordable prices for the 
BSA Ariel Three
Clark Scamp
Raleigh RSW 16
Raleigh RM7 Wisp
Some Electric Scooters
and many more
Manufacturer - Vee Rubber
Technical Details:-
Size 2.125 x 12 to replace the original 2.00 x 12 Tyres which are no longer available. This is the closest size available and the difference is only 0.125
Good Quality with a beaded edge and tougher construction than standard bicycle tyres
4mm roadster tread pattern.
Maximum Inflation 40psi (2.8bar)
Fit for purpose, road legal for classic mopeds, electric scooters and vintage cycles.
BSA Ariel Three
Clark Scamp
Raleigh RM7 Wisp
RSW 16 Bicycle
Modern Electric Scooters for road use
And many more.
As these are slightly wider these are a slightly tighter fit so please use appropriate tyre levers and tyre lubricant so as not to damage the tyre during fitting. Note some washing up liquids can contain salts which can rot your chrome rims. It is recommended that these tyres are fitted by a qualified cycle/garage mechanic and if fitting the whitewalls use gloves!
These tyres are now available after being successfully tested and fitted by Ariel Three Club Members, Raleigh Wisp Owners to name but a few.

Inner Tubes are also available. 

To order please select the ones you need by visiting classic moped spares or following one of the links:-
and we even have rim tape