The internet is full of so much information that we want to make it easy for you to be able to find what you want and hopefully have an enjoyable experience too, so that you can then get the parts you need and spend time using them rather than shouting at the computer screen!

Just some of the features we now have are:-

  • Manuals, Books and Guides (this is still being developed, but should be ready by end of November 2016)
  • Easy Search boxes make-model-type
  • Top Corner Search Boxes
  • Easy navigation, just click the ClassicMopedSpares logo with the exhaust to go back to the home page
  • Facebook interaction with the latest news
  • A newsletter coming soo
  • A blog with more information and links to instructions
  • Quick easy videos on how to do things

There is a lot of hard work going on at Classic Moped Spares to make things easier for you and once again I thank you for taking time to visit.

The quick use of the site guide is here

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