As Front and Rear Number Plates were different sizes then we do the two types of letters and numerals. These are produced for Classic Moped Spares using the original Doherty methods. We even have a Doherty display board as was given to genuine dealers back in the day.

The FRONT Number Plates were removed from many mopeds due to the common phrase ‘The Bacon Slicer!’ If you fell over the front of the bike in a collision the number plate acted as a bacon slicer possibly causing some not very nice injuries. The Front Number Plates today are usually put back on the bikes for show purposes only. They may look nice, but not the best thing to ride around with!


The REAR Number Plate letters and numerals that we do are a different size as the rear plate was often larger than the Front and the letters needed to be the correct size to be seen. Often mistaken in restorations you sometimes see letters that look too small and this could be if the wrong ones have been put on.

The letters can be found here. Select and add what you need to the cart and keep going back until you get the set you need. Then you can go to the payment screen when ready. I hope these help finish off some magnificent restorations to the original standards:-

Front Number Plate Letters click here

Rear Number Plate Letters click here

 Front or Rear Number Plate Letters

These number plate letters are suitable for larger machines as well so if you want to keep that restoration detail as close to original as possible then these offer a great finishing touch!