Moped Parts Secret Base in the UK?
One of the best kept secret suppliers of Classic Moped Parts in the UK, is Classic Moped Spares! But then I would say that being a true enthusiast that started off collecting and restoring Raleigh Runabouts as a hobby. Soon local lads used to turn up and say can you fix this mate or help me get this part. Then one day the plunge was taken and Classic Moped Spares was born!
A change of fortune meant the original moped collection including a high standard Raleigh Runabout restoration was sold, one of which went to an American film company. Since we have also helped source/supply bikes that have gone to Bollywood, Film Theatre Stage production, television productions, model photographic shoots to name but a few. We still keep a few mopeds privately.
We are a small family business and try our best to help if we can. Just take a look at the website or drop us an email at
Being small means sometimes we can get overwhelmed, but take pride in being a genuine small UK business with customer interests at heart. If you have worked for a large business or dealt with one you will know how frustration the politics can sometimes be, and sometimes how difficult it can be to get things done! 
We also pay UK Vat which means we contribute our fair share to the government for you as well, so if you have a Uk pension or use local services then you know that Classic Moped Spares is making a small contribution to that as well! This is just another way that we try to demonstrate that we operate an open and honest business. 
We don't really operate a secret base, but many people do not know is there so if you do, then you are already one step ahead in getting some moped parts!
We do rely on your support and have a large number of very happy customers and hope for many more moped fans and that the moped revival will continue!