NEW Replacement Gurtner AR2 Carburetors are now available so why struggle with cleaning out 50 years of crud!

Many Mobylette Engines were fitted with a BA10 or AR2 Gurtner Carburettor. The BA was common on early models and then later models had the AR2 as standard. Higher performance models had the H14 Carb, but we will not concern ourselves with those for the moment.
The BA 10 Carburetor had a clip at the top to hold the airbox in place and if anyone has tried to obtain a replacement airbox then you will agree that they are as rare as hens teeth. The last one I bought cost me £28. As this airbox was superseded by the AR2 carburettur, many people changed to the AR2 type as it was easier to get parts and offered slightly better performance. I have heard of other carburettors being used, but not of anything being as successful as the AR2.
The AR2 Carburettor also had numbers such as AR2-212 and 667, etc stamped inside it. It was easily identifiable with the clip that went around the whole body of the carburettor.
A replacement for the original Gurtner AR2 is now available. An aftermarket part which includes the complete unit excluding the inlet sleeve, as you will need to reuse the one from your exiting carburettor. Please do not use gasket sealer on the inlet as this may cause serious problems to the engine!
Classic Moped Spares tries to supply good quality parts at reasonable prices. A selection of Carburettor's have been tested on Mobylette engines to see that they are compatible with the engine and classic moped spares (and original) cables. I am pleased to say that the tests proved good and a you tube video should also be available shortly. One customer said the engine sounded like a sewing machine!
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