I just bought this Raleigh RM12 Super 50 Moped for restoration:-
The Raleigh Rm12 Super 50 was the last moped model to be made by Raleigh Uk. It was introduced in 1965 as the the "Super 50". It features the automatic variable-gear transmission, the high performance (9 to 1 compression ratio) engine of the RM5 and a further change in styling with dropped handlebars and a windscreen to suit the semi-prone position. Basically it is similar to the RM5, but a single-seater and slightly improved performance.
The bike originally cost £87.19.6 including purchase tax when it was launched. Raleigh claimed it was styled for the younger rider having the mechanical specification of the Raleigh RM11, but incorporating a long saddle so the rider can lay prone to reduce wind resistance. The manufacturers claimed top speed was 45mph, quite impressive for its day. 
The model purchased is a long way from looking like:-
So what to do with it?
I would like to restore the bike and then sell it through www.classicmopedspares.com or a specialist auction and any profits would then go to charity. I have a specific charity in mind, but do not want to say who it is just yet, until I know what there is sufficient interest to restore it? The restoration may also take quite sometime as there is quite a bit to do and it is important that it is done correctly.
There was a small number of Raleigh RM12's made and even fewer survive like this one with documents in original condition. The Raleigh Super 50 is also one of the most desirable models being the last piece in the puzzle for any Serious Raleigh Moped Collector.
I would love to know what people think of this idea whether you are interested in purchasing a Raleigh RM12 Moped or may have some help or advice. then please do get in contact.
Please email classicmopedspares@hotmail.co.uk