Classic Moped Spares do not supply manuals for the Solex Autocycles, but have found a link on the UK Solex Forum which should have all the information you need for parts, servicing. Don't forget you can also ask forum members for help and advice. This is probably the best place in the UK to find information without having to translate it to English.
The Velosolex Club UK appears to be an independent forum with genuine interest in helping Solex Owners. It is most refreshing to see a forum professionally run and with genuine links to many websites including Classic Mopeds Spares to give everyone a fair choice when making decisions on where to go for parts and advice.
Classic Moped Spares have a large library of manuals, however the Solex ones in particular are a bit too grubby to provide. 
Manuals can be obtained free from the forum and the link is here to join.
Of course if you want to see a range of parts that we supply click here and type solex in the search box