What a week it is as you would say a little crazy.Time to get the bikes out and get them on the road and make hay while the sun shines. 
Been contacted by a film production company earlier in the week wanting a GPO Puch Moped similar to the one that I sold. The only thing is the one I sold was exported! Fortunately after phoning a few contacts and friends it looks like something has been found. I won't earn a penny from it, but it's nice to have that feeling you've helped someone out:-
I've also currently got my 1963 Vespa GL150 for sale on ebay and there seems alot of interest. I can't see it making the £4000 I invested in getting it restored, but at least it hopefully will go to a home where someone will use it and it might even give me a little bit of space. So far it has had 2,500 views. I hope whoever really wants it doesn't miss out by trying to bid right at the end and getting gazumped. Here's the link:-
If I am difficult to get hold of at the moment by phone apologies, I am a little bit behind, but still trying. If you can email classicmopedspares@hotmail.co.uk or text me.
Sorry can't write much more must dash