Yesterday they announced that Chris Evans was going to be the new head presenter at Top Gear. There were many mixed comments on twitter, facebook and the news. I even tweeted myself 'Congratulations to Chris Evans, dont c*ck it up!' James May and Richard Hammond recently sold some of their mopeds including Yamaha FS1E at auction (7K I believe!) but maybe now Chris has joined the top rank he will want to pick up a moped himself if he hasn't already got one hiding behind the Ferrari! Well I wish him well, he's had his ups and downs
I am now sat in a room full of more moped parts, and would appreciate any help to get things done and clear the mountains of stock. I can't afford the wages of Jezzer, Hammond or May, but if anyone knows of someone who has an interest in Mopeds and perhaps can help out then please let me know.
Many items are now back in stock and more arriving so please do message me if you need something:-
Moped Malc