This VeloSolex has been imported into the UK by Classic Moped Spares after spending many years dry stored in a French Barn. If you are looking for a particular model of Solex then please do get in contact. We have so far been able to acquire:-

VeloSolex 330

VeloSolex 660

VeloSolex 1010

VeloSolex 1700

VeloSolex 2200

VeloSolex 3300

VeloSolex 3800

VeloSolex 5000

Running machines in lovely original conditon. Like antiques only they dont sit on the shelf!

This little machine was fitted with a new solex 3800 fuel pump kit including base and membrane supplied from classic moped spares

1968 VeloSolex 3800