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Velo Solex Forum / Advice Uk

Help on Restoring VeloSolex Mopeds


Sometimes it is difficult to find the right advice on how to fix your moped.

Fortunately the Velo Solex is among one of the easier ones to do, as there are a good supply of parts and the engine position means you can access it easily. 

A good place to start is with where to find the right information. The VeloSolex Uk Forum has lots of tips and advice and experience from felllow enthusiasts fixing and restoring their machines

While the content may not always be right, generally their is someone to point you in the right direction.

They have also kindly allowed us to advertise as one of the Main Solex Dealers for parts.

Normally I find the best advice is to:-

1. Get a Manual (free on the forum)

2. Find a reliable parts supplier such as Classic Moped Spares or other. We dont have everything, but we try to stock a good range of quality parts.

3. If someone has done it before see how they have done

4. Order what you need, take your time and enjoy the final result!

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Velo Solex 2200 Fuel Tank Replacement

A customer recently had a problem where he needed to replace the Fuel Tank on his Velo Solex 2200 model as it was beyond repair.


  • The Velo Solex 2200 had a metal tank compared to the later 3800 models. It would seem obvious to replace the 2200 fuel tank with the 3800 one however there are some differences in the way the fuel systems are connected up.
  • To replace the Velo Solex 2200 Fuel Tank you will also need to replace the two pipes that connect to the fuel pump and you will also need to replace the 2200 fuel pump with the 3800 fuel pump. After this has been done you should be good to go.
  • The replacement plastic tanks while not being as sturdy as a metal tank will ensure that you do not get rust particles in the fuel system and so are less likely to experience fuel pumping issues.


Please search out store for what you need or get in contact via out contact page.

Thank you for reading

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Spend over £50 on Solex Parts and get a free Velo Solex Key Ring in May 2017

Spend over £50* on any Velo Solex parts and receive a free Velo Solex 3800 key ring while stocks last.

·         These key rings feature a picture of a traditional Velo Solex 3800 Moped Model.

·         The ring can be clipped to your set of keys or you could keep it as part of your collection memorabilia. 

·         The fob is coated flexible plastic to help with longevity.

Don’t delay get your Velo Solex 3800 key ring while stocks last!

Ths offer is being run from 8th May2017, through May subject to availability

*These key rings are not currently for sale and only being offered with any Velo Solex parts orders where the value of the spare parts exceeds £50. Postage is addition to the total and not included in the offer. 

For all solex parts click here

 Solex Key Rings


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Velo Solex Parts new stock arriving in the UK Today

Wide range of Velo Solx parts direct from Classic Moped Spares in the UK. Some standard items and also special items available to compliment any professional restoration We now have parts for the following Velo Solex machines:-

330 660 1010 1100 3300 3800 4000 4600 5000 Micron and many many more.

There will be alot more arriving soon. And dont forget we also do many more spares for many other machines. New, Used and new old stock available. Just email for more information

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Solex Parts available in the Uk

I have just added a few more parts to the Classic Moped Spares Website for the Solex Autocycle.
More exciting news coming soon.
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Solex Parts and Servicing Manuals

Classic Moped Spares do not supply manuals for the Solex Autocycles, but have found a link on the UK Solex Forum which should have all the information you need for parts, servicing. Don't forget you can also ask forum members for help and advice. 

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