I once asked a very elderly motorcyclist who rode large bikes, how come you have never had an accident? 

He said "Well I just ride as if everyone else on the road is out to murder me"

Today we are in a situation where his advice is even more important. Stay at home, stay safe, self distance from others and you will survive is the order of the day!

We will get through this, but how and when is still unknown.



It is more important than ever to keep positive and restoring bikes has always been a great way to keep active.

To help you be able to work on projects Classic Moped Spares are doing the following:-

  • I am sending all our goods tracked in the Uk, so please leave your correct mobile and email number on the order
  • I increased stock levels in anticipation that shortages will occur. We may ration items to be fair to everyone.
  • I will try to keep our prices the same where possible.
  • I will take longer to respond to messages, but will try to get to them all. 
  • I also have a number of Classic Mopeds for sale should you be looking for a project. These are all priced fairly and where possible include paperwork. It is possible to pay for a moped in advance and for you or your courier to collect without coming into contact, but you woiuld need to arrange this with me in advance.
  • By buying from us you know that the tax we pay will help the Government and NHS. 

Thank you to everyone for supporting our genuine little business based in Great Britain.

Moped Malc