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Velo Solex Engine Flywheel Rotor Puller Extractor Tool by Buzetti 70mm

Product Code:
  • Buzetti Velo Solex Flywheel Extractor

Buzetti Velo Solex Flywheel Extractor Click on above image to view full picture

Additional Information

Make Velo Solex
Model 1700,2200,3300,3800,4600,5000,PliSolex,Micron,Troitlex,Westhoek
Type Tools
Availability: In stock

High Quality Tool to remove the flywheel from the Velo Solex Engine.

Made in Italy. Manufactured by Buzetti

70mm Outside Diameter

4 x 6mm wide x 16mm long slots for flexibility to use the tool on various models

Makes use of the 3 x M6 threaded holes on the flywheel. Central pivot bolt to help with the extraction process

This tool is used to remove the flywheel without breaking it, by having the flywheel come off straight

Suitable for the following:-

- SoleX 1700 
- SoleX 2200 
- SoleX 3300 
- SoleX 3800 
- SoleX 4600 
- SoleX 5000 
- SoleX PliSoleX 
- SoleX Micron 
- TrotileX 
- Westhoek 

The flywheel will need to be removed if you need access to the points and condensor and by using the correct tools, will prevent unneccessary damage occurring.

This tool may be suitable for other models

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