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Mobylette Motobecane Gurtner Carburettor AV7 Repair Kit

New Product
Make Mobylette,Motobecane,Raleigh
Model All
Type Engine
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Repair Kit for the Gurtner AR2 Carburettor on the AV7 engine for the Mobylette Engine.

New Service Repair Kit with 8 components for most AV7 Engines fitted to Mobylette Mopeds.

Please check the pictures and what you need is included in the kit or contact me for more information.
  • Choke Plunger with Spring
  • Gasket Joint to fit AR2 -12 Carburettors which had the airbox with wire clip around. (Note not suitable for the obsolete BA 10 type)
  • Main Jet 56 size.
  • Throttle idle screw with spring
  • Diffuser/Atomiser and lock screw (not always needed - see below)
By buying these parts as a kit you make a great saving on purchasing them individually.

Diffuser Note

The AR2 Carburettor fitted there were some slight variations. According to Aplins a rare number of Early models had the diffusers pressed into the body. Not all parts manuals even listed the diffusers.

If you have the earliest type of Carburettor (which there were not many) then the diffuser would not have a collar and been pressed into the body. This new diffuser supplied will not replace this one and you would need to put your original diffuser back in, if you have removed it. The early Carburettor in Aplins opionion was of poor design and most were replaced as the diffuser would get blocked and taking it in/out could lead to problems if it was not put back in in the right way.

The new diffuser supplied will replace most of the ones which had with a locking ring, however in some cases it will be a little longer, which should not cause any problems.
The options are:
1. you refit your diffuser if it is of the early type that did not have a locking nut

2. you replace the carburettor with an original gurtner that we have advertised. (please message if unsure through contact us)

3. if your diffuser has a locking nut the new one supplied should fit and be usable even if it is a little longer

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