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Mobylette 80 x 20mm Brake Shoes with springs and linings (part number 16104 / 17285)

To fit 80x20 hubs marked LELU- Please check yours carefully before ordering
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Mobylette 80 x 20mm Brake Shoes with springs and linings (part number 16104 / 17285) Click on above image to view full picture

Additional Information

Make Mobylette
Model AU44,AV44,AU46,AV46,AU48,AV48,AU49,AV49,AU56,AV56,AU59,AV59,50S,50L,50VS,50VL,50VLC,AU43,AV43,AU65,AV65,AU68,AV68,AU88,AV88,85N,85L,88,88L,88LC,881P,BG,BG43,CG,CG43
Type Wheels
Availability: In stock

Brake Shoes for various Mobylette models with LELU marked brake hub (not 70x20)

Diameter: 80mm

Width: 20mm

Includes springs 

Mounts on the following Mobylette models: 

For Front and Back:-

- Mobylette AU44 / AV44

- Mobylette AU46 / AV46

- Mobylette AU48 / AV48

- Mobylette AU49 / AV49

- Mobylette AU56 / AV56

- Mobylette AU59 / AV59

- Mobylette 50S

- Mobylette 50L

- Mobylette 50VS

- Mobylette 50VL

- Mobylette 50VLC


- Mobylette AU43 / Mobylette AV43

- Mobylette AU65 / AV65 (Check as some rear wheels were fitted with 15485: 100mm dia) 

- Mobylette AU68 / AV68 / AU88 / AV88 (Check as some rear wheels were 15485: 100mm dia)

- Mobylette 85N / 85L (Front Wheel marked ATOM)

- Mobylette 88 / 88L / 88LC (Front Wheel marked ATOM)

- Mobylette 881P (Front Wheel LELU)

- Mobylette Motobecane 92 (Front Wheel marked ATOM) 

- Mobylette BG / BG43 (Rear Wheel)

- Mobylette CG / CG43 (Rear Wheel)


Important Information

- to fit hubs marked LELU. Please check your hub before ordering

To replace Mobylette part number: 16104 / 17285

We also have 83x20mm fitted on other models. Please double check diameter before ordering.

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