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1968 Velo Solex Bike Model S 3800 For Sale / Restoration / Parts SOLD BY AUCTION June 2017

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1968 Velo Solex Bike Model S 3800 For Sale / Restoration / Parts SOLD BY AUCTION June 2017 Click on above image to view full picture

Additional Information

Make Velo Solex
Model 3800
Type Bikes


A charming Velo Solex 3800 Model was auctioned on Ebay from the 1st June 2017 until the 11th June 2017.

The 3800 engine number confirms that this bike would have been made between January 1968 and January 1969. The frame is the model Solex 3800 squarish design 


Some Observations

- The bike has been officially imported by Classic Moped Spares into the Uk and the NOVA documentation done, and a NOVA certificate will be given to the winning bidder. 

- The bike had been dry stored in a French Barn for a number of years and is only for sale to make way for a few more!

- This bike is in reasonably good condition for age! This model has had part of the rear mudguard cut off and pedals removed. I am not sure why this was done, but it could suggest that the bike may have been raced as this particular type of model was known as a favourite for specialist Velo Solex races in France. More information about the French races can be found from looking up the ‘solex-competition’

  • This Solex runs well which can be seen if you click on our video link. After 50 years, a bit of fresh fuel mixed with Morris Two Stroke Oil (sold separately) and a push the bike bike starts without needing the pedals. There is also a little walk around tour and film of the bike running. Click here for the video
  • The Solex has much original patina with fine lines so it is personal choice on whether to restore it or keep it as it is. 
  • The Front Light is present, and suitable replacement rear lights are available.


  • This should offer an easy entry level bike into the Classic Moped / Motorcycle Scene. The engine which fits over the front wheel can be easily worked on without the requirement of lifting benches and specialist equipment. Parts that you need can easily be obtained in the Uk from Classic Moped Spares.
  • Many classic bikes over the time if the engine and carburettor has been stood then fuel filters, pipes and carburettors are an area to look at cleaning or replacing first so this would be a good place to start and these can be obtained from Classic Moped Spares at reasonable prices. 
  • Should you also wish to restore this or any other Solex to a higher level then specialist items including chrome parts and performance enhancing spares are also available. 


  • The Nova paperwork has been completed by us professionaly and has been processed with HMRC. Should you wish to register the bike in the Uk this is now a straight forward process and help can be found using one of the UK autocycle clubs such as the NACC. An age related number plate should then be issued by the DVLA based on the model year


Some more information about the history of this model is below:-

  • The Velo Solex 3800 model was known as the bicycle that climbs itself being marketed as good for going up hills. It replaced the 2200 models in 1966 with claims of 50% more power from the engine. It was fashioned with the distinctive square front headlight.
  • Modifications and Improvements were progressively made to the 3800.
  • In 1967 the metal tank was replaced with a plastic one which was not going to rust and hence particles not end up in the fuel pump/carburettor
  • The Mudflap was replaced by one with 2 screws rather than 4
  • A twist grip was fitted which permitted slowing down with braking.
  • Later in the early 70’s even Steve McQueen was spotted on a Velo Solex 3800 at Le Man!


Click here for the video

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