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A Charming 2200 Solex for restoring,. Full Description Below
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1964 VELOSOLEX VELO SOLEX 2200 AUTOCYCLE MOPED FOR SALE FOR RESTORATION SOLD Click on above image to view full picture

Additional Information

Make Velo Solex
Model 2200
Type Bikes

A charming Velo Solex S 2200 model. SORRY NOW SOLD 

The 2200 engine number confirms that this bike would have been made in 1964. The frame is the model Solex 2200 tubular design and front headlight the small round type.

Some Observations

  • This bike will need an engine rebuild as the head has been removed at some time with the original piston being seized in the barrel. With new barrel and piston kits available at very low prices from Classic Moped Spares then repairing this should not cause too much of a problem, and will leave you with a cracking little machine, that can be rebuilt to your own specification.


  • This should offer an easy entry level bike into the Classic Moped / Motorcycle Scene. The engine which fits over the front wheel can be easily worked on without the requirement of lifting benches and specialist equipment. At Classic Moped Spares we can supply the parts that you need.
  • Many classic bikes over the time if the engine and carburettor has been stood then fuel filters, pipes and carburettors are an area to look at cleaning or replacing first so this would be a good place to start.
  • If further engine parts are needed then all of these are available from us at reasonable prices and low postage rates.
  • Should you also wish to restore this or any other Solex to a higher level then we also can supply specialist items including chrome parts and performance enhancing spares as well. 


  • The Nova paperwork has been completed by us professionaly and is currently being processed with HMRC. Should you wish to register the bike in the Uk this is now a straight forward process and help can be found using one of the UK autocycle clubs such as the NACC. An age related number plate should then be issued by the DVLA based on the model year


Some more information about the history of this model is below:-

  • The 2200 model is very stylish having a tubular frame compared to the more angular design of the 3800. A model Catherine Deneuve in Saint Tropez in 1962 posed in front of a Solex 2200 to show the fashions of the Parisian designers Christian Dior and Yves Saint-Laurent in the American publication “Life Magazine ”. There are also many examples in the sixties of the 2200 being used in photo shoots due to its classic design.
  • The Solex 2200 was known in its time for its improved ability to climb hills due to an increased engine of about 25% torque with rotation of between 1700 and 3000 rpm, compared to earlier 1700 models. Other statistics are that the model is a two-stroke motor, 49 cc, with double transfer and automatic clutch, roller drive, the motor has ignition and electrical systems powered by magnetic flywheel, the front and rear lights function the same if the machine is stopped, equipped with a special carburetor, without a float bowl assembly, is a watertight Solex, the Solexine (Petrol mix) consumption is particularly economical: 1.4 qt for 62 mi. 
  • The cycle portion has not undergone any modifications, the VELOSOLEX is still the only open frame, its weight is 62.5 lb in running order, it has balloon tires (19 x 1.75) and two rim brakes.



  • The price does not include delivery and viewing is reccomended.
  • Should you wish for a delivery quote then please contact us through the support page



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