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NEW Raleigh RM6 Runabout, Pop, Deluxe Moped AR2 -12 Genuine Gurtner Carburettor

Make Raleigh
Model RM6,RM7,RM8,RM9
Type Engine
Availability: In stock

A high quality Genuine Gurtner replacement carburettor

Two size types now available:-

--- 12 mm inlet fitting - LOWER COST OPTION **please read Fitting below**

--- 10mm inlet fitting - EASIER FITTING AS ORIGINAL **please read Fitting below**

Made in France, with 'Gurtner' on the airbox and carb body 

Suitable for the

  • Raleigh RM6 Runabout
  • Raleigh RM6 Pop
  • Raleigh RM6 Deluxe

It includes the following:-

  • Throttle slide
  • Choke enrichment plunger and spring
  • Plastic Airbox with clip and filter
  • Float and filter
  • Improved Jets

(Note: You need to use your original insulating sleeve if fitting the 12mm type)

** Fitting:-

--- 12mm inlet carburettor - LOWER COST OPTION

To fit the 12mm carburettor, you will need to remove the original insulating sleeve from inside your original carburettor and put it inside this new one. This will need prising out, without damaging it. This can be a little bit tricky to do as the sleeve can be wedged in over a few years so if you are looking to buying the lower cost option carb then it may be worth seeing if you can remove your sleeve before ordering.Your sleeve will then ensure a snug tight fit when putting the carburettor onto the engine inlet adaptor. 

--- 10mm inlet carburettor - EASIER FITTING AS ORIGINAL

To fit the 10mm carburettor you should be able to remove your original and this one will fit straight on


The carburettor settings should not need adjusting, however it is common practice to adjust any new carburettor to obtain the best running performance.

The carburettor is compatible with the original cables and new ones supplied by Classic Moped Spares

Performance: -

The carburettor should give slightly improved performance compared to the original BA and AR type carburettors. A video of the carburettor tested can be found by clicking here

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us


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