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Very Easy 2 Stroke Petrol, Gas, Fuel, Oil Mixing Mixture Bottle Container

What we use on our own bikes
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We find this the quickest and easiest container to mix our fuel in,

Suitable for mixing 2 Stroke Fuel for:-

- Mopeds

Simply fill up to the first horizontal fuel line with petrol. Then fill up afterwards for the desired mix of oil. Ensure the lid is on, give the bottle a shake and then tip into your fuel tank. You may need to do this 3-4 times depending on the size of your Moped tank.

Please note modern oils are much better than that 50 years ago. Some bikes suggested 20:1, but today if you made this mix it would have much too much oil. We cannot advise exactly the correct amount you will need to mix enough so your engine is lubricated, but plug not oiled up. Many of our moped machines run on around between 32 and 40:1. Modern Stihl 2 stroke strimmers use 50:1 today.

We have found this container the best to get accurate results and handy to give a little shake, but we also do jugs which many also find easy to use.


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