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Large Range of Original Type Mobylette Contact Points

Fitting Contact Poiints can be a little bit tricky as anyone with stumpy fingers like me knows! 

It is essential to have the correct tools to se the correct gap and acertain top dead centre. 

We supply a large range of these tools for working on your Mobylette or other moped engine which including piston stops and top dead centre guages.

We also have a large range of contact points including both aftermarket and genuine available. We have fitted both to different mopeds over the years and when fitting points sometimes a little bit of fettling is required to ensure that they work. It essential to ensure that they open and close as they should. Also replacing the condensor can be a good option when you have the cover removed. 

These original type NOVI contact points have just arrived in stock. Only slightly more expensive, it is personal choice which type you use.

Mobylette Novi Contact Points





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Raleigh Moped Parts

We have a wide range of Raleigh Moped Parts for most of the bikes that were made from the sxities to early seventies. 

The ever popular Raleigh Runabout started us off on this journey of moped mayhem!

We do most parts for this little model below, including a brand new engine!

Raleigh Runabout for Restoration

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Moped Parts not on Ebay

Our Ebay store is currently closed whilst we review it.

Please do not try to contact us through Ebay.



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New Gurtner Carburettor Options Now Available

Just arrived in stock we have a fantastic range of Gurtner Carburretors.

Please Search our store for what you need. 

There are now two fitting options now available. Both Carburettors perform the same, but one is just a little bit easier to fit than the other. 

--- 12mm inlet carburettor - LOWER COST OPTION

To fit the 12mm carburettor, you will need to remove the original insulating sleeve from inside your original carburettor and put it inside this new one. This will need prising out, without damaging it. This can be a little bit tricky to do as the sleeve can be wedged in over a few years so if you are looking to buying the lower cost option carb then it may be worth seeing if you can remove your sleeve before ordering.Your sleeve will then ensure a snug tight fit when putting the carburettor onto the engine inlet adaptor. 

--- 10mm inlet carburettor - EASIER FITTING AS ORIGINAL

To fit the 10mm carburettor you should be able to remove your original and this one will fit straight on


AR Gurtner Carburettor

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Alive and Open!!!

Classic Moped Spares was forced to close towards the end of 2018, due to ill health. Owner Moped Malc was taken seriously ill and spent some time in a High Dependency Ward at the local Hospital. Fortunately Doctors and Nurses saved him, and he has been recovering.
The website is now back open in March and you should still be able to buy the same fantastic range of products
Thank you for your patience and continued support
Unlike Mopeds we can't all have a new engine so look after the one you have!
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Unsafe Practices

We do not knowingly supply parts to Individuals or Moped Clubs enagaging in unsafe practices. We may at our discretion refuse to supply anyone individual or group. 

Our aim is to supply parts for restoring classic vehicles. We have been made aware of horror stories with Customers telling us of moped engines ruined by unsafe modifications and even machines with bent frames knowingly sold. To us the risk is too great and it is our right to refuse to do anything we feel uncomfortable with. Even the professionals can get it wrong for example Robert Dunlop was killed on a bike in 2009 that was suspected to have had a seized engine. 

The Department of Transport advice regarding 70cc kits is:


I draw your attention to Regulation 100 of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 as amended. This regulation states the following:  No motor vehicle (or trailer) shall be used for any purpose for which it is so unsuitable as to cause or be likely to cause danger or nuisance to any person in or on the vehicle (or trailer) or on a road. This regulation means that you will need to ensure that if you sell these kits, that they are not  unsuitable for the purpose the vehicle was made for, and  not likely to endanger the user of the vehicle.

If you have been refused to be supplied parts by us, please select read more

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Full Details Below

Enter the draw for £50 worth of moped parts!


Enter a search in our "Search Here" button on the website.

Try different words

As a reward we are giving away £50 worth of stock to one lucky winner!*



Follow these easy steps to enter:-
  1. Visit us at
  2. Enter words in the Search Box
  3. Share a product via FACEBOOK, TWITTER or GOOGLE PLUS
  4. Click the Contact Us button and Send us a message. Start with Enter Me, then Full Name, Town,Country you are based in.  

* Terms and Conditions
Draw will be done randomly on 28th February 2018. £50 off Voucher will be emailed to the lucky winner. A minimum spend will be required of £50.01 to activate the voucher. Delivery charges will apply in addition to send the goods to you as this offer is open worldwide. Voucher must be used by the end of December 2018. (Winners Name will not be disclosed without individuals permission)
* 1 entry per person only 
Offer not open to employees or relatives of Classic Moped Spares.

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Raleigh / Mobylette Engine Test Ride Results

NEW Raleigh Runabout / Mobylette Engine Test Ride Result!

And what a result!

After successfully fitting a new engine to the Raleigh Runabout the you tube video of the bikes performance can be viewed here

To purchase the engine you can buy here

Modification will need to be made to get a secure fit.

This will need to be fitted by a competent mechanic so please contact us should you need more information



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NEW Replacement Mobylette Engines Tested at Classic Moped Spares!

Mobylette Engine Tested at Classic Moped Spares!


What a great Christmas present to uwrap for 2017!

Mobylette NEW Engine

This New Engine Straight out of the Box is being tested!

  • The engine was fitted to a 1970 Raleigh Runabout Moped. This is the first time in 50 years since the Raleigh Runabout was introduced that a new replacement engine has been succesfully fitted and tested making it an extremely proud moment for myself Moped Malc at Classic Moped Spares.
  • We have been supplying parts to keep the older engines running for many years, but sometimes it may not be possible to salvage an engine that has been outside in poor conditions. These new engine also offer more power and smoother electronic ignition performance.


  • Fitting is not straight forward and we are currently trying to compile a quick guide to make this process easy for you
  • The engine has electronic ignition and first impressions are that it was much more powerful that the original. It ran very smoothly and we have done a quick video.


  • We are currently looking for a suitable location in Somerset to test ride the bike
  • The engine has been fitted and the bike being prepared for the test.The light was failing, but here is the bike near raedy to go
  • More details coming soon! 

To order yours please get in contact

  • Fitting these correctly is a specialist job
  • Please do get in contact for more information or to pre-order one. Due to the high value of these items we will only keep a small number in stock so lead time for delivery may be about 2-3 weeks.
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No Black Friday Moped Parts Sale 2017

Moped Parts Black Friday 2017 Sale

Helping Everyone All Year 

We would like to apologise for recently not charging you more money.

To offer a Sale would mean we would have charged you more over the year or last week to now offer sale discounts over the Black Friday weekend.


  • We monitor prices all year round to be among one of the lowest Genuine Moped Parts Suppliers in the United Kingdom, Europe, USA, and Worldwide.
  • We supply both to the moped trade retailers, clubs and public


  • We offer good quality items all the time. If there is a difference in quality of certain items we reflect this in our prices.  We may on occasion sell items for special reasons at reduced price

Delivery Service

  • By not offering a sale we are less likely to run out of stock or sell rare items just to one person. This means you are more likely to get what you want when you want

Commitment to You

  • We value your business. Sincere apologies once again if you feel offended not to see a Sale on our website. We do not want you to panic buy what you do not need.
  • Our prices including delivery charges may still be lower than many other larger websites or multiple sales platforms.

If you use your precious time on other sites hunting for bargains for Christmas (and there are some out there), we hope you will also come back to us and buy what you need for your moped.


Moped Malc

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