Just in New for January 2017 to Classic Moped Spares we now have available spokes and nipples for different mopeds. This is another new product that we have launched, though it has taken alot of time and consideration to make sure that it is right.

The spokes and nipples that we do are made exclusively to fit the rims that we have had specially made. The spokes are a stronger and thicker guage that the originals; not that we have got a bit heavier over the years! 

We have started by advertising spokes and nipples for the Raleigh RM6 Runabout Moped  and I am sure that more will follow for more models.

Please CLICK HERE to see the spokes and nipples and for more information

More information will also be available soon about a Moped Wheel Rebuilding Service for your wheels. We have teamed up with a professional builder with over 40 years experience and are just finalising the details of how to offer you the best service. Prices are expected to be very competitive, without compromise to quality.

Please do not be afraid to ask if you need spokes and nipples for your model of moped. Please be aware that these spokes are compatible with our rims so may not be suitable with other manufactured rims.

Moped Wheel Rims Spokes and Nipples