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Just arrived in stock we have a fantastic range of Gurtner Carburretors.

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There are now two fitting options now available. Both Carburettors perform the same, but one is just a little bit easier to fit than the other. 

--- 12mm inlet carburettor - LOWER COST OPTION

To fit the 12mm carburettor, you will need to remove the original insulating sleeve from inside your original carburettor and put it inside this new one. This will need prising out, without damaging it. This can be a little bit tricky to do as the sleeve can be wedged in over a few years so if you are looking to buying the lower cost option carb then it may be worth seeing if you can remove your sleeve before ordering.Your sleeve will then ensure a snug tight fit when putting the carburettor onto the engine inlet adaptor. 

--- 10mm inlet carburettor - EASIER FITTING AS ORIGINAL

To fit the 10mm carburettor you should be able to remove your original and this one will fit straight on


AR Gurtner Carburettor