We do not knowingly supply parts to Individuals or Moped Clubs enagaging in unsafe practices. We may at our discretion refuse to supply anyone individual or group. 

Our aim is to supply parts for restoring classic vehicles. We have been made aware of horror stories with Customers telling us of moped engines ruined by unsafe modifications and even machines with bent frames knowingly sold. To us the risk is too great and it is our right to refuse to do anything we feel uncomfortable with. Even the professionals can get it wrong for example Robert Dunlop was killed on a bike in 2009 that was suspected to have had a seized engine. 

The Department of Transport advice regarding 70cc kits is:


I draw your attention to Regulation 100 of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 as amended. This regulation states the following:  No motor vehicle (or trailer) shall be used for any purpose for which it is so unsuitable as to cause or be likely to cause danger or nuisance to any person in or on the vehicle (or trailer) or on a road. This regulation means that you will need to ensure that if you sell these kits, that they are not  unsuitable for the purpose the vehicle was made for, and  not likely to endanger the user of the vehicle.


We have in the past and may still in the future refuse to supply any one with parts. Sometimes we may get things wrong.

We do not wish to refuse to supply people and clearly it is not good practice to do so, but we have been forced to do so to protect our business. Our aim is to help as many people with parts for their mopeds at affordable prices, to keep these machines running and shown off! If you feel you have been unfairly blocked from buying from us, you can get in contact and we can review it.

Unfortunately we have had to refuse to supply a number of people, and some may just have been misled by others that they trusted. Reasons include:

1. Requesting assistance in anything that we believe may be unsafe

2. Online Defamation of Character or false statements through forums / social media / clubs / groups or other, for the purposes of directing financial gain to another/other organisations

3. Suspected abuse of our returns policy

4. Phone calls with deliberate intent to damage our business or cause distress

5. Other concerns


We have helped many people create some amazing restorations.There were so many wonderful mopeds made with some fantastic owners too.

Our aim is to help you get supply you with Parts at affordable prices for your Classic mopeds .

If you feel that you were misled into doing something to try to damage our company by someone else, yet would like to buy from us please get in contact with us confidentially and we can review the circumstances.