Keep Calm

1.  Type in the search box which you will find in the top right

Search Box

Type in one word or maybe two. If you have a part code type it in. For example 14587 that we sell for £1.20 it's over £6 on some market places!

Search nipple

2. Use the drop down boxes and look through the category. Example Tyres - Rim Tape

Drop Down

  • You can also use the product name/position/price to sort



3. Use the Shop Filter Buttons *will not find everthing*


  • *Due to the large increase in stock that we have and the number of items, not everything can be find using this Shop Filter

  • If you use the filter, don't forget to click the reset button

4. Contact Us



  • If you can't find it or it's out of stock, please just ask via the contact button.

  • Please put the correct email so I can message you back

5. If you still need help with what you need then you can call me on 07810 870 077.

6. Watch the Video for some tips 

  • Please also have a look at my video on how to search the website to find the parts you need. 

  • The Video also explains the checkout process and how to contact us.

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO How To Search for Parts and Checkout